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National Park of Cilento. Sea and Mountains in perfect harmony. More than 180 000 acre of intact nature, WWF-protected and part of the World Heritage Sites. Fascinating in its originality and variety of flora and fauna. Mountain hinterland (foothills of the appenines) with small faraway villages in rare natural beauty where time seems to have ended and habitants still grow most of their goods in their indipendent traditional way, creating handmade products often based on ancient recipes and of high quality.

UNESCO World Heritage Committee Adds 30 Sites to World Heritage List Wednesday, December 2, 1998 ITALY
Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park with the Archeological sites of Paestum and Velia , and the Certosa di Padula

''The Cilento area is a cultural landscape of exceptional quality. Dramatic chains of sanctuaries and settlements along its three east-west mountain ridges vividly portray the historical evolution of the area as a major route for trade and for cultural and political interaction during the prehistoric and medieval periods. It was also the boundary between the Greek colonies of Magna Grecia and the indigenous Etruscan and Lucanian peoples, and so preserves the remains of two very important classical cities, Paestum and Velia.'' ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

The whole landscape is still covered with a net of donkey paths, some going back to the ancient times of Spartacus who actually passed by. Until the 20th century these donkey-paths still have been the main traffic, trade and transportation routes, representing fossils of further times with storical view axes of never really touched environments. Unfortunately in recent days many of these routes had been completely abandoned by the habitants and no more maintained by anybody. Only a few years ago a new local consciousness grew realizing that this perfect net of paths represents an enormous cultural treasure. More and more local associations and individuals have been starting to make the ancient ‘roads' accessible.

bookmark:"The hinterland is the land or district behind that bordering on a coast or river. Specifically, by the doctrine of the hinterland, the word is applied to the inland region lying behind a port, claimed by the state that owns the coast.Hinterland The area from which products are delivered to a port for shipping elsewhere is that port's hinterland. Contrast foreland, the places to which a port ships.The word has been borrowed from German , where it literally means the land behind (a city , a port or similar)."


Circular Walking Tour ONDATremonti above the famous Temple City of Paestum more about Paestum

A walking experience with spectacular views - taking you off road across the hills and ancient track ways of the mountains right above the famous antique temples of Paestum is our 3 days Shortbreak ONDATREMONTI and our 6 days ONDATREMONTI Circular Walking Programme, including the tops of three mountains. Beautiful picknicks provided, overnight stops at small characteristic inns, farms and landhouses right on the daily itinerary, including delicious dinners with own products and own wine.more

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our association partners and the many other individuals for their invaluable contribution in helping us to enhance and reevoke the history and culture of this area and to get the paths accessible.

All the walking routes we offer have been traversed and experienced by ourselves. We selected them evaluating the presence of a high range of habitat diversity including rare animals and plants and of landscape heterogeneity in order to guarantee biodiversity. Our special interest was to organize walking and hiking experiences with special topics for the single route, such as rare pieces of Ancient Natural Architecture, Rare Natural Spectacles, Eat the View Gourmet`s Walking Tours visiting small producers of handmade specialties, olive oil and wine, and Walking in History on Pilgrims paths.

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Circular Walking Tour ONDACilentoantico Pilgrims Paths

A very special circular walking programme is ONDACilentoantico Ancient Cilento Pilgrim paths, walking around the mystic Monte Stella Mountain on old original paths of the first basilian monks who arrived around 1200 A.D. from several parts of Greece to found the first 30 originary villages of the Ancient Cilento (Cilento Antico). During the walks, mostly quite near to the sea with spectacular views of green hills and seaside, visiting small enchanting villages with architecture built in the period around 1100 A.D, sleeping and resting for 6 days in ancient historical palaces and convents, halfboard included, daily luggage service to the accommodation place, shuttle service from (arrival) and to (departure) the next station.

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